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Interesting Stuff On The Net

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Interesting things on the Net today

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Safety fears over electronic cigarettes because they are 'unclean' and unregulated

By Daily Mail Reporter


Health experts are demanding tighter controls on electronic cigarettes amid fears customers could be exposed to poisonous chemicals.

The nicotine vapour inhaler devices are not subject regulation, and fears are growing that people could be subjected to 'unclean' and 'unsafe' products.

The devices hit the headlines earlier this year when it emerged Standard Life had banned its employees from smoking 'e-cigs' at their desks.

Nicotine vapour inhalers are mostly imported from China and do not undergo inspections

Nicotine vapour inhalers are mostly imported from China and do not undergo inspections

Many of the electronic cigarette brands readily available in the UK are imported without control and inspection from other countries, including China.

E-cigs do not contain tobacco and therefore are not regulated by Tobacco Product Regulations, they are also not classed as medical devices so can not be regulated in the same way as other nicotine replacement products.

The devices, which can be charged through a computer USB port, were invented by a Chinese pharmacist in 2004.

Prof John Britton, chair of the Royal College of Physicians Tobacco Advisory Group, said that regulating e-cigarettes would ensure a 'guaranteed standard' for consumers was met.

He said: 'Electronic cigarettes have the potential to save thousands of lives, but the fact that they are unregulated is bad as it leaves people open to using unclean and unsafe products.

'Electronic cigarettes can not be seen as being as safe as other regulated nicotine replacement therapies which meet pharmaceutical standards, these products are tested and have additives in them that we know to be safe - e-cigarettes don't have this.

'The concept of nicotine replacement is powerful and good, but e-cigarettes are really testing this system - they are new and they are unregulated. Regulation would be useful and it would be nice to clean up the loopholes.

Prof John Britton said that regulating e-cigarettes would ensure a 'guaranteed standard' for consumers was met.

Prof John Britton said that regulating e-cigarettes would ensure a 'guaranteed standard' for consumers was met.

'At the moment electronic cigarettes may list the contents on the side of the packet, but there is no way of proving that this is the true content as there is no regulation.

'Electronic cigarettes are probably positive and if everyone switched to e-cigarettes it could potentially save millions of lives, but regulation would certainly be useful at this time,' he added.

A lack of regulation has led several countries, including Canada, Australia, and Singapore to ban the products because of fears over possible side-effects.

Jean King, Cancer Research UK's director of tobacco control, warned that e-cigarettes do not have the same safety standards as some other nicotine containing products.

She added: 'E-cigarettes are unlicensed products. This means there are no national safety standards or controls as to how they are sold.

'Also, little is known about their ingredients or the reliability of nicotine dosage. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is considering whether to regulate e-cigarettes and other new products that contain nicotine. At least until the MHRA reports back, Cancer Research UK does not recommend the use of e-cigarettes.'

SkyCig is the largest distributor of e-cigarettes in Scotland and has around 20,000 customers. A spokeswoman from the company said it estimated it replaced around 24 million tobacco cigarettes across the UK last year.

She added: 'We absolutely welcome tighter regulations on e-cigarette products. It will help the industry grow to its potential by only allowing the best products to be distributed.

'Our products have been evaluated by the Edinburgh Scientific Services and we are also working with hire quality standard associations which we cannot disclose at the time.'

'Electronic cigarettes may list the contents on the side of the packet, but there is no way of proving that this is the true content as there is no regulation.'

A typical electronic cigarette contains a nicotine cartridge, a vaporiser, with electronic circuitry and sensors and a battery.

Depending on the brand a cartridge may contain between 0-16mg of nicotine. The cartridge may contain additional chemicals, including propylene glycol, water and various flavourings.

On inhalation the cartridge is heated and a fine mist containing approximately 20 ingredients is produced. This mist is absorbed into the lungs, although some odourless vapour is released into the air as the smoker exhales.

Anti-tobacco group, ASH Scotland, warned that the lack of safety information on the cigarettes was a 'concern'.

Chief Executive, Sheila Duffy, said: 'Evidence on the safety of e-cigarettes is limited and existing regulation of the product isn't consistent, which concerns us. We're awaiting a the results of research from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in Spring 2013, which will give more clarity on the harmfulness and efficacy of this product.

'Even more concerning, however, is that e-cigarettes also look like real cigarettes and are able to be used in many places where smoking is banned.

Tobacco is not a normal product - it kills half of its consumers if used as intended. As a society we have a responsibility to protect young people by moving away from giving the impression that smoking is a desirable thing to do.'





I love Ellen Degeneres!  She has always got some great fun on her show!

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Not a fan of cage fighting, but after beating the shit out of this guy, the winner had the class to stop when the other guy was down....Two thumbs up to ya Mr!

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Can you say DUMB ASS!!!  Boys in Washington just suck no matter which country they go to!  Literally! LOL!

Bill Dispute Alerted Hotel to Secret Service and Prostitutes Cavorting, WH Official Says

A senior administration official briefed on the accusations against the Secret Service agents pulled from duty in Colombia tells ABC News that a heated argument between at least one of the alleged prostitutes and at least one of the Secret Service agents first alerted authorities of the Hotel Caribe in Cartagena to the cavorting between Secret Service agents and prostitutes.

The argument was a dispute over the bill for services rendered, the administration official said.

Hotel Caribe authorities went to investigate the ruckus and learned that there had been some activity between Secret Service agents and prostitutes, the senior administration official said.

Hotel authorities then went down to the reception desk to see who else of the American guests may have signed in female guests - call girls - for the evening.

Initially, this official said, that inspection led the hotel authorities to have questions about 22 Americans - 17 Secret Service agents and five special operations soldiers who were there to assist the Secret Service. Their names were reported to the lead U.S. military official on the ground.

That is not to say that all 22 men had hired prostitutes, the administration official underlined. Some of those about whom the hotel raised questions may merely have been attending a party and violating curfew. Eleven Secret Service agents have been sent back to the United States. The five U.S. special forces members remain in Colombia, per the request of the Secret Service.

The State Department says that adult prostitution is legal in designated "tolerance zones" in Colombia, though restricting the sex trade to those zones has been difficult. "Sexual tourism" is reportedly widespread in Cartagena and other coastal cities.

- Jake Tapper


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Health News

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

By Kimi Harris, Mother Nature Network

A recent Australian study linked black tea to a modest lowering of blood pressure, and I thought it would be fun to share other possible health benefits of drinking tea.

1. Green tea has cancer-fighting properties: A catechin called EGCG found in green tea has been linked in various studies to a reduction in cancer rates. It may help in the reduction of the following types of cancer: bladder colon, esophagus, pancreas, rectum and stomach.

2. Green tea consumption linked to lower risk of coronary artery disease: In a Japanese study, researchers found that the more green tea you drink, the less chance you will have of developing coronary artery disease.

3. Green tea may reduce the risk of blood clots and strokes: "Green tea also lowers fibrinogen, which is a substance in the body that can cause clots and strokes." -- "150 Healthiest Foods on the Planet" by Jonny Bowden, Ph.D

4. Black tea may help soothe away the stresses of life: A 2010 study by UCL (University College London) found that those who drank a cup of black tea where able to de-stress faster when compared to those drinking a placebo.

5. Drinking green tea results in a modest reduction in breast cancer risk.

6. Rooibos (a caffeine-free, herbal tea) may reduce and treat metabolic diseases.

7. Rooibos and honeybush teas may help with skin cancer: In one study, rooibos and honeybush extracts suppressed skin cancers in mice, giving hope for a future in human studies.

8. Rooibos may be anti-aging: Or, at least a study done with quail found that it helped their egg production capabilities last longer. Since birds are a proposed animal for anti-aging studies, this holds hope that rooibos may help humans as well.

9. White tea was found to be more protective against oxidative stress when compared to green tea.

10. Rooibos tea (both red and green) were shown to have the highest protection for male fertility against oxidative stress: In a study that tested the oxidative stress reducing properties of supplements made from green tea, red rooibos, green rooibos, or Chinese green tea, rooibos extracts helped protect sperm health the most.

Drinking a variety of teas has been proven to be part of a healthy lifestyle. The sampling of studies above are just a drop in the bucket of a whole sea of research, which makes my tea-loving self feel very good.

National Geographic Picture of The Day

Rainbow, Lake Champlain

Photograph by Alan Nyiri

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Health News

New Study: High-Fructose Corn Syrup May Be Worse for You Than Sugar

By Brierley Wright, M.S., R.D., Nutrition Editor, EatingWell Magazine

New Study: High-Fructose Corn Syrup May Be Worse for You Than SugarThe debate over whether high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is really worse for you than sugar is always popular and heated. Full disclosure: based on the available research, I usually land on the side that says there really is no difference. A sugar is a sugar is a sugar. Metabolic studies have shown that our bodies break down and use HFCS and sugar (sucrose) the same way.

But then I saw this new study-published online recently in the journal Metabolism-that suggests for the first time that there is a (slight) difference in the way the body processes HFCS and sugar.

Why does it matter? Fructose is metabolized by the body differently compared to glucose and other sugars-and thus may pose a greater health risk by affecting your appetite and your heart health.

In the study, researchers gave 40 men and women one of two drinks on their first visit: 24 ounces of Dr. Pepper sweetened with either HFCS or cane sugar (sucrose). Then they assessed whether the body absorbed more fructose from one sweetener than the other. On their second visit, study participants drank the opposite of what they received on their first visit.

Here's what the researchers found: after participants drank the HFCS-sweetened Dr. Pepper, their fructose blood levels were higher than when they drank the sugar-sweetened Dr. Pepper. But HFCS contains a higher percentage of fructose than sugar does (55 percent fructose compared to 50 percent in sugar)-and when the researchers took that into account the difference was no longer statistically significant.

So what does this mean for your sugar choices? I think it's still too early to draw conclusions. The study authors wrote: "To our knowledge, this is the first study to show that HFCS is more likely to cause acute adverse effects than sucrose." But this other quote from them is interesting food for thought and should be explored through further research: "Although the treatment effects…were small, the effects may increase with continued, chronic exposure to these sweeteners."

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National Geographic Picture of the Day

Submerged Plane, Bahamas

Photograph by Bjorn Moerman

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Health News

Diet Soda Drinkers Have Increased Heart Attack Risk

How much diet do you drink?How much diet do you drink?Diet soda has already gotten a bad rap since it's been linked to packing on excess pounds. In fact, the San Antonio Longitudinal Study of Aging found that after 10 years of observation, diet soda drinkers had 70 percent greater increases in waist measurements than those who abstained.

What's more, Northwestern University researchers found that people who are obese tend to consume more diet soda than the regular stuff, while a study from Purdue University suggests that artificial sweeteners, such as the ones found in diet soda, may actually make your metabolism less efficient.

Now a new study shows that downing diet soda isn't just bad for your waistline-it could also be a serious heart health hazard.

The latest research from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and Columbia University Medical Center suggests that daily diet soda drinkers may be at increased risk of suffering vascular "events"-and we're not talking about romantic interludes. Think stroke, heart attack and vascular death. While researchers were quick to point out that their results demanded further research, it is compelling that the data was collected from 2,564 participants over a decade-long period. Suddenly, that diet soda looks a lot more sinister.

But don't despair if you can't imagine parting with your favorite diet drink: The study also found that occasional consumption wasn't such a big deal. (We're talking imbibing between one a month and six a week.) What's more, non-sugar free soda drinkers were not more likely to suffer vascular events, giving credence to the idea that when you're going to treat yourself, ain't nothing like the real thing.

Bottom line: Next time you're hit with a craving for diet soda, be mindful of your waistline and heart-and remember "everything in moderation."

By Violet Owens

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National Geographic

Snowy Owl

Photograph by James Galletto

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5 Ways to Cut Your Risk for Dementia

All in Your Mind

In the new film The Iron Lady, Meryl Streep portrays an aging Margaret Thatcher as she grapples with encroaching dementia. Jazz singer Etta James, who just passed away from leukemia at age 73, also battled dementia in her later years. It’s a reminder that dementia can strike anyone—even one of the most indomitable public figures of recent times.

About 5.4 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease, the most common type of dementia. And it seems that the slow slide into mental decline may begin much sooner than previously suspected. A new 10-year study in the journal BMJ showed declines in memory, reasoning, and verbal fluency starting as early as age 45.

But there’s good news, too. A growing body of research suggests that you may be able to lower your risk for dementia by making simple lifestyle changes.

Solve a Crossword

Hobbies that give your brain a workout—such as reading, doing crosswords, or playing chess—help build up reserves of brain cells and connections. As you age, that activity might slow down mental decline caused by altered connections in the brain.

The evidence for this benefit isn’t as strong as you might expect. A 2010 statement from the National Institutes of Health called it “limited but inconsistent.” Still, if you choose an activity that’s fun and relaxing, you’ll at the very least enjoy the mental stimulation. Plus, you’ll reduce stress, and that in itself may be good for the health of your brain.

Play an Instrument

Making music may give your brain a lifelong boost, according to a study from the University of Kansas Medical Center. The study included 70 healthy adults age 60 and up, who were divided into groups based on their musical experience. Those who had played an instrument for at least 10 years did better on tests of mental abilities than those with no musical training.

Of the highly experienced musicians, almost half were still playing at the time of the study. But they didn’t do any better on mental tests than those who had given up playing years before. The researchers speculated that learning an instrument when younger may have built brain connections that served them well later in life.

Break a Sweat

Recently, researchers fromthe Mayo Clinic recently analyzed dozens of previously published studies on physical activity and brain function. Taken together, the studies showed that any activity that raises your heart rate and makes you breathe harder may reduce the risk for dementia. Once dementia has begun, exercise may slow its progress.

Phone a Friend

Staying socially engaged helps keep your brain young. And pastimes that combine mental, physical, and social activity may be especially protective against dementia. So hanging out with your friends is good. But hanging out at a cardio class where you’re working up a sweat while memorizing a complex routine is even better.

Order the Salmon

Fish really is brain food, based on a study presented at the 2011 meeting of the Radiological Society of North America. Brain scans showed that people who ate baked or broiled—but not fried—fish at least once a week had better preserved gray matter in key areas of the brain. The researchers calculated that eating fish weekly cut Alzheimer’s risk by almost five-fold.

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National Geographic's Picture of the Day

Lake Assal, Djibouti

Photograph by George Steinmetz

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3 Ways to Fight Fatigue

Sleep is only part of the answer. By adding the right things to your day, you'll have more energy (and more time, too)

Sleep is only part of the answer. By adding the right things to your day, you'll have more energy (and more time, …

By Denise Foley

More than one-third of us nod off unintentionally during the day, says the CDC. The most obvious - and common - reason: We're not getting enough sleep. But our energy levels depend on factors beyond seven to eight hours of sweet dreams every night. We can be laid low by emotional fatigue, too - by being bored, by having too much or too little to do (or too many stupor-inducing chores to get through). Or we (you?) may be surrounded by vampires - and not of the sexy Twilight variety. "Fatigue often has more to do with the emotional than the physical," says Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psy.D., codirector of the Institute for Behavioral Sciences and the Law in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and author of High Octane Women.

Think about it. Even a bad night's sleep wouldn't keep you from meeting up with your BFFs for drinks after work or going to the banquet to accept your Volunteer of the Year award. Somehow, we always find the time - and the energy - to do the things that bring us pleasure. The trick is to build activities you love into your life, to chart a new course that keeps you energized. You'll be more productive and have more time. Here, from leading experts and research studies, how you can make it happen.

1) Shake it up, wake it up There's comfort in routine, but living a life in which you do the same thing day in and day out has a dulling and time-sapping effect. Your brain hates the same old, same old so much that it just turns off. This makes sense from an evolutionary point of view: The brain is wired to ignore the familiar and seek out the novel, giving you a kind of internal alarm that allows you to sense potential danger by tuning out the presumably safe ho-hum.

At the same time, novelty activates your pleasure system by churning out dopamine, one of the brain's "feel-good" chemicals. Dopamine is largely responsible for your brain lighting up on scans when you satisfy a major food craving (like when you "gotta have" that chocolate and you get it). But recent research suggests that dopamine is also the raw material of motivation - it gets you and your brain up and raring to go. And if you're deficient in it, you'll feel a kind of mental fatigue. Forget shopping or cooking - even making a grocery list will feel like too much work.

You don't have to push the novelty theme too far and take up skydiving (as my friend Sarah did) to get a dopamine hit. A hike in the woods or an afternoon combing art galleries will do it. Even small tweaks to your routine can be energizing, says Mira Kirshenbaum, Ph.D., cofounder and clinical director of The Chestnut Hill Institute in Boston. Take a different route to work, or download some Radiohead (though you may have no idea who they are) to your iPod. "It can help just to change the pictures in your cubicle," she says.

2) Find your passion Or rediscover an old one. If you don't love what you're doing - work, your hobbies, causes you've taken on - you're likely dragging through your life as if you're always headed to intermediate algebra class. In this age of high unemployment, you may not be in a position to ditch your humdrum job, but maybe you could think about a new project that excites you and convince your supervisor to let you try it. Studies by Amy Wrzesniewski, Ph.D., associate professor of organizational behavior at Yale, suggest that crafting your job into a calling - something that feels meaningful and gives you a sense of fulfillment - can also help. Perhaps you could mentor younger staff members or develop a charitable project for your company.

If you can't rejigger your job, try changing other things in your life to find the spark you're looking for. Could you pursue painting or a course in local history? If you know that you have to leave the office exactly at 5 P.M. to get to class on time, you'll push through your day more efficiently. Ditto on weekends: Speed-clean the house before your aerobics class, and you'll get a double burn. If you're stumped about what will excite you, look at the bottom of your to-do list, the things you wistfully hope to get to after the laundry and calling the fridge repair service and dropping a prescription at the drugstore and...

3) Hang with the fun crowd People who live each day with a sense of excitement and energy can pass that attitude on to you the way a kindergarten class shares a cold. In this case, though, it's social contagion at work - and it's a good thing. A friend who's enthusiastic about her job and her life can help you find your own joie de vivre again. Which also may make you more productive and better able to save your personal days for something other than recovering from the flu; one study found that people lacking a "zest for work" were more likely to take long spells of sick leave.

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Health Tip

The Bitter Truth of Splenda

If you were told to ingest a biologically alien synthetic chemical whose presence on this planet did not predate 1976, and whose structure is only a few atoms away from the deadly pesticide DDT, and you knew that not only were there no long term human safety studies performed on it, but that it had been already proven in tests to have following adverse health effects:

· Shrunken thymus glands (up to 40% shrinkage) 

· Enlarged liver and kidneys.

· Abnormal histopathological changes in spleen and thymus

· Increased cecal weight 

· Reduced growth rate

· DNA Damage

· Adverse changes to gastrointestinal bacteria

· Abnormal Pelvic Mineralization

· Decreased red blood cell count 

· Hyperplasia of the pelvis

· Aborted pregnancy (Maternal & Fetal Toxicity)

· Decreased fetal body weights and placental weights 

· Bowel inflammation 

· Triggering migraine

· Increase glycosylation of hemoglobin (HbA1c) for diabetics

….would you still consume it? Of course not! And yet, millions of Americans (including our precious children!) are doing exactly that by consuming Splenda. So, what is sucralose, chemically speaking?

Like “Splenda,” the term “sucralose” is a cute little marketing ploy. The true name of this ugly little chemical is actually too long for the human tongue to comfortably pronounce (which is usually an excellent indication that it is not safe to ingest!) Go ahead and see if you can wrap your vocal chords around this phonetic monstrosity:


Despite the intended insinuation, sucralose is not a form of sucrose (cane sugar). Sucralose/Splenda is produced through artificially substituting three hydroxyl groups (hydrogen + oxygen) with three chlorine atoms in the sugar (sucrose) molecule. Natural sugar is a hydrocarbon built around 12 carbon atoms. When transformed into Splenda it becomes a chlorocarbon, in the same family as deadly pesticides like DDT, insecticides, biocides, disinfectants like Chlorox Bleach, and WWI poison gas like dichlorourea. The makers of sucralose/Splenda argue that this “remarkably stable” chemical passes unchanged into the urine and feces, when in fact, up to 11% to 27% is absorbed into the body (FDA, 1999). In fact, the varying degrees to which sucralose is absorbed is used as a marker for gut and intestinal permeability to determine certain disease states. Once absorbed, some portion of this chlorocarbon accumulates in the body (between 1.6% to 12.2%). What effects will these accumulated chemicals have? According to James Bowen, M.D:

“Any chlorocarbons not directly excreted from the body intact can cause immense damage to the processes of human metabolism and, eventually, our internal organs. The liver is a detoxification organ which deals with ingested poisons. Chlorocarbons damage the hepatocytes, the liver’s metabolic cells, and destroy them. In test animals Splenda produced swollen livers, as do all chlorocarbon poisons, and also calcified the kidneys of test animals in toxicity studies.”

How can this be true for an FDA approved sweetener?

FDA approval does not in any way guarantee safety…..sadly enough, in many cases, it guarantees the exact opposite. Take aspartame for instance. Aspartame (Equal/NutraSweet) contains 10% methanol, which is broken down in our body into two extremely toxic substances: formaldehyde and formic acid. There are over 30 known adverse health effects associated with its consumption! This sweetener gained FDA approval in 1981, despite appalling evidence linking it to cancer, particularly, brain cancer.

So, if Splenda is not a viable alternative to sugar, what can we use instead?

When one uncouples the experience of “sweetness” from caloric content, the body becomes confused because it does not receive nourishment and therefore will not attain satiety – this, in turn, leads to overindulgence. Indeed, new studies have shown exactly this: those who consume synthetic sweeteners are more prone to obesity. What this means is that when we ingest something sweet, it should also have caloric and nutritional content. Anything less than this equation is a recipe for failure and ill health. Thankfully Nature provides us with a veritable cornucopia of healthy sweeteners: honey, stevia, xylitol, erythritol, and dehydrated organic cane juice, all of which are available at your local health food store. Next time that sweet tooth calls, remember not to succumb to advertising hype which would convert poisonous chemicals into “magical” no-calorie sweeteners. Use both common sense and a sense of moderation, and your body will thank you. If you were told to ingest a biologically alien synthetic chemical whose presence on this planet did not predate 1976, and whose structure is only a few atoms away from the deadly pesticide DDT, and you knew that not only were there no long term human safety studies performed on it, but that it had been already proven in tests to have following adverse health effects:

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World's largest joypad unveiled - you'd have to be as tall as Nelson's column to use it (so no surprise it was one of this year's Guinness Gamer World Records)

By Rob Waugh

The world's largest video game controller, 30 times the size of a standard joypad, was unveiled today as one of the wackier winners in the new Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition.

The fully working device, which is an oversized replica of the pads on Nintendo's iconic NES console, was on display at Liverpool St Station, London.

If you wanted to use it like a standard handheld pad, you would need to be 51m (167ft) tall – the same height as London landmark Nelson’s Column.

The world's largest videogame controller, 30 times the size of a standard joypad, was unveiled at London's Liverpool St station today

The world's largest videogame controller, 30 times the size of a standard joypad, was unveiled at London's Liverpool St station today

The device, created by British Engineering student Ben Allen, is featured in the new Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer Edition

The device, created by British Engineering student Ben Allen, is featured in the new Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer Edition


The joypad is a remake of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System pad from the Eighties

The joypad is a remake of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System pad from the Eighties

The pad, created by a team of students from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, went on display to promote the Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer’s Edition.

British engineering student Ben Allen, 23, was one of the three who built the device as apart of a university project.

Mr Allen said: 'This is really a labour of love.  We’re passionate about gaming and wanted to honour its most iconic device; the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) joypad. 

'We put our heads together in the pub and decided to create this absurdly large working version.

'It’s such a rush to know we’ve made history and are being included in the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition.'

The joypad, which measures 366cm x 159cm x 51cm (12ft x 5ft 3in in x 1ft 8in), and weighs an estimated 265 pounds (18 stone), took five months and £4,000 to build.

Such is the size of the controller that it requires at least two gamers to press the buttons - or jump on them.

Ryan Hart (Left) & Kayane (Right) - Britain's Ryan Hart has won over 450 Street Fighter events in 13 different countries from 1998 to 2011

Ryan Hart (Left) & Kayane (Right) - Britain's Ryan Hart has won over 450 Street Fighter events in 13 different countries from 1998 to 2011

Also present at the London event, and featured in the new book, were British record holders Ryan Hart and Sami Çetin.

Mr Hart the official European Street Fighter Champion, holds the record for Most International Street Fighter Competition Wins, with over  450 to his name.

Mr Çetin is a Super Mario Kart professional player that holds the record for the Fastest Lap on Mario Kart, at 56.45 seconds.

He said: 'It’s an honour to be recognised for something you’re passionate about.'

Pictured alongside Mr Hart in the book is 20-year-old Marie-Laure Norindr, dressed as the iconic Street Fighter character Chun-Li.

Ms Norindr, from France, is recognised for two new records; First Woman to Win a Pro-Street Fighter Event and Most Podium Placements in a Fighting Game, with 42 since 2001.

Five members of the Arnold family from Frankfort, Illinois, USA, who take part in official Pokémon videogame world championships. The family include Ryan, mum Linda, Ryan's twin David, dad Glenn and youngest child Grace

Five members of the Arnold family from Frankfort, Illinois, USA, who take part in official Pokémon videogame world championships. The family include Ryan, mum Linda, Ryan's twin David, dad Glenn and youngest child Grace

She says she is use to the sexism that exists in the competitive scene and takes it in her stride.

'There will be always some machos criticising me and it has always existed. I’m used to this since I was 10 years old,' she said.

'I don’t care because I think I have proved myself with my results.  Now it just makes me laugh.'

Twenty-four-year-old Elizabeth Bolinger is another woman to break her way in the traditionally male dominated world of videogames.

Known online as Kitty McScratch, the American is recognised as the Most Prolific Dancing Game High Scorer with more than 85 number one high scores on the Just Dance and Dance Central franchises.

London's Sami Cetin, a professional Super Mario Kart player, is recognised for the Fastest Lap on Mario Kart in a time of 56.45 seconds

London's Sami Cetin, a professional Super Mario Kart player, is recognised for the Fastest Lap on Mario Kart in a time of 56.45 seconds

Demonstrating the overall popularity of gaming, the FIFA Interactive World Cup broke its own record for the Largest Videogame Tournament.

Some 869,453 gamers from across the world entered the competition last year.

Sixteen-year-old Francisco Cruz from Portugal won the tournament and walked away with the $20,000 prize money.

Guinness World Records Gaming Editor, Gaz Deaves, said: 'We’ve been burning the midnight oil like ninjas for the 2012 Gamer’s Edition: witnessing record attempts, talking to developers and playing as many video games as we could handle.

'Gamers all over the world can finally get their hands on the result of our hard labour, and this year’s book packed with all the amazing records, facts and feats that they have a right to expect from Guinness World Records.'

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National Geographic - Photo of the Day

Riverbank, Belgrade

Photograph by David Konecny

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Health tip for the day

8 Reasons to Lift Heavier Weights (And No, You Won't Bulk Up)

8 reasons to lift heavier weights

8 reasons to lift heavier weights

Experts agree: Heavy lifting is in! You can't swing a kettlebell these days without hitting some workout guru, exercise program, or book advising women to not only lift weights but lift heavier weights. But why? And should you try it if you're aready happy with your current workout routine? Here are eight reasons why you need to make this change.

1. You'll Torch Body Fat: You may have been told that cardio is the ultimate fat burner, but that effect stops the minute you hop off the treadmill. Build more muscle and you'll keep your body burning fat all day long. According to one study, adding just two sessions per week of heavy lifting can reduce your body fat by three percent without cutting calories. Another study from the University of Alabama in Birmingham showed that dieters who lifted heavy weights lost the same amount of weight as dieters who did just card, but all the weight lost by the weight lifters was primarily fat while the cardio queens lost a lot of muscle along with some fat. And more muscle, less fat translated to smaller clothing sizes than their less muscular counterparts.

2. You'll look more defined: Love the lean, defined muscles on super-fit ladies? "If women want more definition, they should lift heavier since they cannot get bigger muscles because of low testosterone levels," says Dr. Jason Karp, an exercise physiologist and author. "So, lifting heavier has the potential to make women more defined."

3. You'll fight osteoporosis: The key to this one is consistency, as research has shown that lifting heavy weights over time not only maintains bone mass but can even build new bone, especially in the high-risk group of post-menopausal women.

4. You'll burn more calories: You may burn more calories during your 1-hour cardio class than you would lifting weights for an hour, but a study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that women who did weight training burned an average of 100 more calories during the 24 hours after their training session ended.
And the effect is magnified when you increase the weight, as explained in a study in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. Women who lifted more weight for fewer reps (85 percent of their max load for 8 reps) burned nearly twice as many calories during the two hours after their workout than when they did more reps with a lighter weight (45 percent of their max load for 15 reps).

5. You'll build strength faster: Lifting lighter weights for more reps is great for building muscle endurance, but if you want to increase your strength, increasing your weight load is key. Add compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and rows to your heavy weights and you'll be amazed at how fast you'll build strength.

6. You'll lose belly fat: While it is true that you can't spot reduce-your body is born with pre-conceived places it wants to store fat-a University of Alabama study found that the women who lifted weights lost more intra-abdominal fat (deep belly fat) than those who just did cardio. This not only helps you lose your belly pooch and look better in a bikini, but it also lessens your risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and some cancers.

7. You'll feel empowered: Throwing around some serious iron doesn't just empower women in the movies. Lifting heavier weights-and building strength as a result-comes with a big self-esteem boost. Your strength will not only show in your lean, toned body, but also in your attitude.

8. You'll prevent injury: Achy hips and sore knees don't have to be a staple of your morning run. Strengthening the muscles surrounding and supporting your joints can help prevent injuries by helping you maintain good form, as well as strengthening joint integrity.

New Products in the World

A company called The Bed Moat, Inc. has developed a monitor called The Bed Moat which can trap bed bugs.

You place four Bed Moats under the legs of your bed, chairs, sofas, etc., and its slippery polished plastic moat prevents the blood sucking critters from crawling back out.

bed bug trap
At just $20.00 for a set of four Bed Moats, its a simple and cost-effective way of enacting some control over these pests.

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Classic Art

"Gods" wall relief

National Geographic

Picture of the day

Elephants, Uganda

Photograph by Joel Sartore, National Geographic

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A Book that Changes Everything: Against Intellectual Monopoly

With piracy and struggles over intellectual property in the news daily, it is time to wonder about this issue, its relationship to freedom, property rights, and efficiency. You have to think seriously about where you stand.

In 2001 with the publication of Stephan Kinsella’s article and now monograph “Against Intellectual Property.” He made a strongly theoretical argument that ideas are not scarce, do not require rationing, are not diminished by their dissemination, and so cannot really be called property. All IP is unjust, he wrote. It is inconsistent with libertarian ethics and contrary to a free market. He favors the complete repeal of all intellectual-property laws.

For more information check out Max Keiser at :


Not the next president!  (Hopefully)  Scary thought of this lunatic as our next president!


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Our favorite comedian!!!

Tattoo for the Day

Health Story Today

5 Foods to Help You Sleep Better

By Brierley Wright, M.S., R.D., Nutrition Editor, EatingWell Magazine


5 Foods to Help You Sleep Better

Some people have trouble falling asleep. Others can't stay asleep. And then there are the people (um, me!) who have trouble turning life "off" and tucking into bed at a reasonable hour. 

Whatever the reason, we're not alone-more than 50 million Americans don't get enough shut-eye. Yet the health benefits of a good night's rest are countless: sleep helps keep you happy, your brain sharp, your immune system strong, your waistline trim, your skin looking youthful-and lowers your risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

Here's the good news: Adding certain foods to your diet may help to increase your odds of a successful slumber, as reported in EatingWell Magazine. (Though these foods won't answer e-mails, clean your house or complete whatever to-do item is keeping you up late.) Here's what you can eat for a better night's sleep:

Fish-Most fish-and especially salmon, halibut and tuna-boast vitamin B6, which is needed to make melatonin (a sleep-inducing hormone triggered by darkness), according to an article published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Other B6-rich foods include chickpeas, bananas and fortified cereals.

Jasmine rice-When healthy sleepers ate carbohydrate-rich suppers of veggies and tomato sauce over rice, they fell asleep significantly faster at bedtime if the meal included high-glycemic-index (GI) jasmine rice rather than lower-GI long-grain rice, in a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. While the authors aren't sure how it happened, they speculated that the greater amounts of insulin triggered by the high-GI meals increased the ratio of sleep-inducing tryptophan relative to other amino acids in the blood, allowing proportionately more to get into the brain.

Tart cherry juice-In a small study, melatonin-rich tart cherry juice was shown to aid sleep. When adults with chronic insomnia drank a cup of tart cherry juice twice a day they experienced some relief in the severity of their insomnia.

Yogurt-Dairy products like yogurt and milk boast healthy doses of calcium-and there's research that suggests being calcium-deficient may make it difficult to fall asleep. Other calcium-rich foods to try: leafy green vegetables like kale and collards.

Whole grains-Bulgur, barley and other whole grains are rich in magnesium-and consuming too little magnesium may make it harder to stay asleep, reported the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine.

What, if any, foods help you get a good night's rest?

By Brierley Wright, M.S., R.D.

New Products

This is something a few of my friends could use!


Classic Artwork

Classical Paintings by Charles Joshua Chaplin (1825-1891)

National Geographic

Iguazu Falls

Photograph by Chris Schmid

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Ron Paul 2012!!!


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This is one of my FAVORITE skits!  Love this guy!  He makes me laugh my ass off!!!!

Tattoo of the day!

Artist: Nacho


By Sarah-Jane Bedwell, SELF magazine

We all enjoy indulging in holiday treats this time of year, and there is nothing wrong with having a few splurges throughout the season. However, too many of those splurges can leave us with regrets come New Year's. Rather than give up holiday treats altogether, I like making smart swaps that satisfy my cravings and save calories too! ...

...Here are 6 of my favorite holiday sweet swaps!

1. Do you love mint chocolate chip ice cream? Then try a mint chocolate chip protein bar instead, such as a LUNA Mint Chocolate Chip Protein bar. The protein and fiber in the bar will keep you feeling satisfied longer than the ice cream, and the mint chocolate flavor will satisfy this craving while saving 100 calories!

2. Do candy canes make it hard to stay away from the sweets jar this time of year? Instead, reach for peppermint tea. Peppermint tea has that same great peppermint flavor for zero calories. Plus it's a great warm option for a cold day! Switching from the candy to the tea will save you 60 calories and 14g of sugar.

3. Is creamy eggnog your holiday drink of choice? Then you'll want to try a healthier nog option, such as Silk Nog. It's just as rich and creamy as traditional eggnog, but it's made from soy milk, so it'll save you 100 calories and 10g of fat per serving!

4. If nothing says Christmas like gingerbread to you, you may want to try swapping traditional gingerbread cookies for ginger snaps. These crispy cousins of gingerbread have that distinctive sweet, ginger flavor, but have about 80 less calories per serving!

5. Love peanut brittle? Well, you're in luck! SELF has cooked up an awesome pistachio brittle recipe for you this season (pictured above). Pistachios make this a great alternative to traditional peanut brittle, and this recipe cuts the calories in half! That's a savings of 242 calories per serving!

6. Can't get enough of your favorite Christmas cake? Whether it's red velvet, spice cake, or devil's food, turning your favorite cake into cupcakes will keep the portions easier to control. Plus, on average 1 cupcake will have 60 fewer calories than one slice of cake!

New Products for Chirstmas - Women: A bit of advice for the Men who love them

Being a female and after looking at certain websites gift ideas for women....Guys Be Smart!!!!!, just ask your lady what she wants for Christmas!!!  Save yourself the wrath of her disappointment for what Santa didn't bring!!!!

Some women of today don't want kitchen items, or home spa crap that will break within the year......I mean seriously nothing says "Get on the griddle bitch" like giving your signifcant other a kitchen appliance!  Okay that may put you in the dog house when she wanted JEWELRY!

I personally LOVE the kitchen gadgets, but then again, I'm an old school girl who LOVES to be in the kitchen!  My husband is always safe, he lets me choose what I want and then purchases it. 

I know some women who on the presentation of a kitchen appliance have gone beserk!  "I wanted that ring from Tiffany's you jerk"!  Okay, yes they are spoiled, and some are pretty useless!  LOL!!!!  But it is better to be safe than sorry when you get that rolling pin across your noggin!  LOL!!!!!

Make your Christmas season a bit more bearable!  ;0)

Classic Art

"The Girl with a Pearl Earring"
1665 by a Dutch master Johannes Vermeer van Delft

One of my personal favorites!

National Geographic

Octopus, Italy

Photograph by Pasquale Vassallo

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Max Keiser!




Interesting things on the net to brighten your day!

A bit of Santa Comedy!


Tattoo of the Day

Artist: Omega  Client: Noemi Jauch


20 Healthy and Delicious Snacks to Eat at Your Desk

By Juhie Bhatia

A good-for-you snack at work can provide the energy boost you need to get through the day. Here are some choices that will fill you up without filling you out.

1) Banana and Almond Butter
For a sweet afternoon pick-me-up, registered dietitian Allison J. Stowell suggests having a banana with almond butter. She recommends Justin's All Natural Almond Butter packets (each an individual serving). "Almond butter is a nice alternative to peanut butter and these convenient, affordable packets make it easy," she says. If you prefer to buy a jar of Almond butter, 2 tablespoons is about the same size of a package, which delivers around 200 protein-packed calories.

2) Trail Mix
Trail mix is not only good on a hike; it's a great work snack, too. Stowell suggests making your own. Mix 6 almonds or cashews (or 2 tablespoons of pumpkin seeds) with 3/4 cup of high-fiber, low-sugar cereal and 2 tablespoons of raisins or unsweetened dried cranberries. "This mix will offer heart-healthy fat from the nuts or seeds, fiber and a serving of fruit for a snack that is balanced and sustaining," she says.

Don't think of it as just a breakfast food. "Oatmeal is a great source of soluble fiber, which will keep you feeling full longer," says registered dietitian Lanah J. Brennan.. She suggests making one packet of plain instant oatmeal, with no added sugar or other additives, and topping it off with 1 to 2 tablespoons of chopped walnuts. "Nuts are a good source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats," she adds. If you're not a fan of nuts (or allergic to them), ground flax seeds are a great alternative.

4) Peanut Butter Sandwich
"This is a quick, balanced snack that does not require refrigeration," says Brennan. She suggests eating half a peanut butter sandwich when the munchies hit -- one tablespoon of peanut butter on one slice of bread. To maximize your health, go for whole wheat or sprouted grain bread and natural peanut butter with no additives.

5)Crackers and a Low-Fat Topping
Since most crackers contain carbs and fat, says Brennan, you don't need extra fat in the topping, too. "Instead of peanut butter or cheese, choose a lean protein." She recommends one serving of crackers with an ounce of lean turkey or an ounce of tuna fish mixed with reduced-fat mayo made from olive or canola oil. "For more fiber, choose crackers with a whole grain, whole wheat flour, brown rice or quinoa listed as the first ingredient."

6) Cottage Cheese and Berries
This snack combo provides a nice balance of sweet and savory. It also packs some satisfying protein, says Brennan. She suggests mixing1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese with a 1/2 cup of berries, such as raspberries or blueberries. Berries not only up your daily fruit intake, they also boost your health in other ways. One study, for example, showed that blueberry extract improved memory in older adults, says Brennan.

7) Apple and Cheese
"This snack combines protein and carbohydrates for a well-balanced snack," says Stowell, and it will keep you satisfied through the afternoon. Pair an apple with 2 ounces of low-fat cheese or two cheese sticks. If convenience is an issue, Stowell suggests picking up some pre-sliced apples.

8)Granola Bars
Granola bars made with fruit and nuts are easy to carry and store, making them a good desk snack. But with the abundance of choices out there, figuring out which are the healthiest can be overwhelming. One option: Stowell recommends Kashi's TLC granola bars. "I prefer these bars because they offer 6-7 grams of protein per bar. Most bars only offer 2 grams of protein," says Stowell. Her personal favorite flavors are Peanut Butter, Honey Almond Flax and Dark Mocha Almond.

9) Hummus and Veggies
This delicious chickpea spread is easy to eat at work. For a snack size, Stowell recommends having 1/3 cup of hummus with 1 cup of mixed veggies, such as baby carrots, sugar snap peas and grape tomatoes. "These three [veggies] add color and a variety of nutrients," she says. "And hummus is rich in the right fat and also offers a bit of protein." With the large variety of hummus flavors out there, it shouldn't be hard to keep it interesting for your taste buds.

10) Guacamole and Chips
This snack isn't just a party food. "Avocados are rich in monounsaturated, 'good-for-you' fat and baked chips save on calories," Stowell says. When the cravings hit, she recommends having a Wholly Guacamole 100 Calorie Snack Pack with a serving of baked tortilla or potato chips. <-- My favorite!!!


New Products

Okay maybe not so new, but as a child I used to play with these A LOT!!!  Loved this toy.  It is expensive now, but a toy to pass along throughout the generations!

$32.95 - $59.95 at

Classic Artwork

Romeo and Juliet Sir Frank Dicksee

National Geographic

Bear in Finland: Photograph by Michel Giaccaglia


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Max Keiser!




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What I post is only what I found to be of some interest on the web, which does not mean it's what I believe in, or what I am against.  It's just INTERESTING TO ME and worth sharing with others!!!

Pictures of Santa!  This week I am going to post pictures of Santa and the kids he is terrifiying!  I was happy that there are a few Santa's with great spirits that laugh instead of being a hard ass!  :0)  Love these!

I love this Santa!!


Fluffy!  OMG! Too funny!!

Tattoo of the day

Tattoo by Nacho/ Client Jorge Villatoro


Find yourself eating too much junk food lately? You might be feeling the urge to detox. But resist the call of juice diets, fasts, and other trendy but potentially dangerous cleanses. Our plan involves "eating clean"- focusing on naturally nutrient-rich whole foods, and cutting back on processed bites.

1. Skip added sugars
"White sugar, brown sugar, honey-all sugar pumps calories into your diet and spikes your blood sugar," says nutritionist Joy Bauer. Consuming too much of it also promotes inflammation, which can increase your risk for heart disease and certain cancers and make you feel foggy and fatigued.

What to do? Stay away from foods that list sugar, high-fructose corn syrup or dextrose on the ingredients label. High-fructose corn syrup sweetens many processed foods, including cold cuts and ketchup, and food makers often add it to reduced-fat foods to make them tastier. Just like table sugar, HFCS can cause spikes and dips in your blood sugar, and some research suggests it may mess with the hunger and fullness signals the hormone leptin sends out, leaving you less satisfied.

2. Avoid bad fats
Saturated and trans fats can clog your arteries and promote inflammation. Nix trans fats by sidestepping fried foods and anything made with hydrogenated vegetable oils (check labels). And limit saturated fats to less than 7 percent of your total daily calories by wiping out high-fat marbled meats and choosing skim or 1-percent-fat dairy products instead of full-fat ones.

What to do? Saturated fat can also make you... well... fat. According to a recent study, certain types of saturated fat (think: red meat, whole milk, cheese and butter) may actually override those handy "whoah, I'm stuffed, stop eating!" signals your body sends out. But don't clear fat off your plate entirely: oleic acid, the type of unsaturated fat in olive oil, avocados and nuts, don't have the same effect. Oleic acid also helps curb hunger and improves fat digestion.

3. Pump up proteins
Lean proteins from sources such as chicken and wild salmon preserve your lean body mass, and having some at every meal stabilizes blood sugar levels and helps you feel fuller longer. Divide your body weight in pounds by 2-that's how many grams of protein you should aim to get each day, Bauer says.

What to do? Pumping up your intake of protein from non-animal sources such as whole-grain cereal, tofu and beans may also lower your blood pressure. These foods are also rich in fiber and magnesium, which can help reduce your risk of dying from heart disease by 5 percent. Toss tofu in salads or snack on unsalted nuts and seeds.

4. Be a teetotaler
"Alcohol is taxing on your liver, plus it lowers your inhibitions, making it harder to resist unhealthy foods," Bauer says. Drinking too much not only increases your risk of high blood pressure and obesity, it also messes with your skin!

What to do? Stick to water, seltzer, tea and coffee most of the time, but do indulge in an occasional glass of red wine. Resveratrol, the potent antioxidant in red vino, may help prevent cancer, keep your heart and brain healthy, reduce inflammation, and even help stave off diabetes!

5. Reach for fiber
Soluble fiber in oats and beans is filling, making it a key weight loss tool. It also helps pull cholesterol out of the bloodstream, moving it through the digestive tract.

What to do? Make a list of high-fiber foods you love and keep a supply at the ready. We're not just talking about cereal-berries, fruit, potatoes and edamame all count. Work as many as you can into your day. Studies suggest that people absorb up to 6 percent fewer calories when they follow a high-fiber dietor at least 34 grams of fiber a day. Have two foods with at least 3 grams of fiber per serving every day.

6. Chew, swallow, repeat
Taking in calories at regular intervals keeps your blood sugar stabilized and metabolism revved. And did you know that certain foods that you could eat more of to weigh less, including steak, eggs and Parmesan cheese? The right foods help you drop pounds by revving your calorie burn and curbing cravings.

What to do? Have breakfast within 90 minutes of waking up, Bauer says, and aim to eat about every four hours. Eating every four hours also means being prepared. Store healthy snacks at work, and keep an energy bar in your purse for hunger emergencies!

Classic Art

The Swing, 1767 Jean-Honoré Fragonard

National Geographic

National Geographic's picture of the day simply entitled "Leaf on the beach"

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Political - Ron Paul

Ron Paul for President!


Things that were interesting on the net today!

Fluffy!!!!  Love this guy! He makes me LMFAO!
Tattoo of the day

Work done by Nacho/ Client Sarah Rocha


A balanced, easy-to-assemble make-ahead morning meal: Grab an apple, wrap 1 to 2 ounces of Cheddar in plastic, and toss &frac14; cup of fiber- and protein-rich walnuts into a resealable plastic bag.  YUMMY!


Superior Tattoo Announces Launch of New, Cutting-edge Product

Phoenix, July 11, 2007 – Superior Tattoo, a leading supplier and inventor in the tattoo industry, has invented a grip that requires no set screws. This radically new concept uses a new material that is autoclavable, and requires only the pressure from the artist’s fingers to keep the grip from slipping. The new Twister Grip™ is available in three sizes &frac12;”, &frac34;”, and 1”.

“Superior has always led the way with products that give artists the quality they want with a price they deserve,” explains Martin Grimm, of Superior Tattoo. “The idea for this invention was conceived by us listening to our customer’s requests. This non-pour, ribbed grip is only the latest of many new products being delivered to our customers.”

The new ‘Twister Grip™’ allows the artist to tattoo longer with less stress on their hands, according to Gato of Gato Tattoos, Phoenix AZ. The Twister Grip™ is ten times lighter than stainless steel and is virtually indestructible. Superior will be providing them on all machines beginning July 12th.

Superior is a one-stop shopping experience, carrying everything a tattoo artist would need, including all the popular brands of ink such as Millennium and Skin Candy.

Superior also has a large selection of reference books, including sketch books from many famous artists. Virtually any idea you have for a tattoo can be found in one of their books.

About Superior Tattoo

Superior Tattoo is a global supplier of tattoo equipment and accessories that strives to support tattoo artists across the world. They offer one of the largest selections of high quality products and accessories at affordable prices. Superior offers everything from tattoo kits and machines, to medical and power supplies, tubes and needles to sterilizers and cleaners. Superior even stocks a wide array of reference books, so artists can continuously perfect their craft.

You can find and order products on Superior’s website at, by phone at 1.888.758.1818, or by fax at 1.602.433.7401.

Classic Art

Such a beautiful picture!

National Geographic Pix!

Northern Spotted Owl

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Political Crap







What is wrong with people today?

Why is it people like this think that WE owe her something?  People like this shouldn't be allowed to breed!

Permanent Make-Up? What are the facts?

Permanent cosmetics, also known as  micro pigmentation or tattooing, is the process of applying colored dye into the dermis or deeper layer of the skin, by means of one or more needles.

Does it hurt?
Thanks to a wide availability of local anesthetics, in theory the procedure is no more painful than having your eyebrows tweezed.

Who benefits?
Men and women of all ages. Anyone interested in saving time. Women who want twenty-four hour a day beauty and comfort. Women who hate cosmetics that streaks or rubs off. Sports enthusiasts of all kinds. People with poor eyesight who wear contact lenses or glasses. Women who are allergic to conventional cosmetics. Accident and burn victims and people with disfiguring scars following surgery. People suffering from loss of pigmentation. People suffering from alopecia (loss of body hair), whether permanent or temporary (e.g. following chemotherapy). Women with shaky hands or physically handicapped. Women who want to restore unfortunate dermapigmentation.

What can be done?
Eyebrow Procedures.: Too light or fair. Broken by a scar. Partial alopecia. Badly positioned or asymmetrical. Eyebrows too low or drooping. Insufficient eyebrows  too short. Lack of eyebrows. Surgically damaged eyebrows or scarred. Eyeliner and Kohl Line Procedure. When eyelashes are too fair. When eyelashes are scant or lacking. For women whose eyes are inclined to water or wind, cold, light, etc.. For people with poor eyesight.
Lips Procedures:  Because lip pencil and lipstick rub off when eating, smoking, and kissing. Lips too thin. Lips asymmetrical. Lips too thick.  Badly or undefined outline. Lips too pale. Scars resulting from an accident. Cleft-lip disfigurement.
Beauty spots and freckles Procedures: Just for fun. To disguise minor imperfections or scars (e.g., chickenpox, acne).
Areolas of the breasts Procedures: To camouflage scars following surgery for reduction or enlargement. To recreate areolas, to give the illusion of nipples. To darken pale areolas. To enlarge small areolas. To redefine irregular outlines

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