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Interesting Stuff On The Net

Permanent Make-Up? What are the facts?

Permanent cosmetics, also known as  micro pigmentation or tattooing, is the process of applying colored dye into the dermis or deeper layer of the skin, by means of one or more needles.

Does it hurt?
Thanks to a wide availability of local anesthetics, in theory the procedure is no more painful than having your eyebrows tweezed.

Who benefits?
Men and women of all ages. Anyone interested in saving time. Women who want twenty-four hour a day beauty and comfort. Women who hate cosmetics that streaks or rubs off. Sports enthusiasts of all kinds. People with poor eyesight who wear contact lenses or glasses. Women who are allergic to conventional cosmetics. Accident and burn victims and people with disfiguring scars following surgery. People suffering from loss of pigmentation. People suffering from alopecia (loss of body hair), whether permanent or temporary (e.g. following chemotherapy). Women with shaky hands or physically handicapped. Women who want to restore unfortunate dermapigmentation.

What can be done?
Eyebrow Procedures.: Too light or fair. Broken by a scar. Partial alopecia. Badly positioned or asymmetrical. Eyebrows too low or drooping. Insufficient eyebrows  too short. Lack of eyebrows. Surgically damaged eyebrows or scarred. Eyeliner and Kohl Line Procedure. When eyelashes are too fair. When eyelashes are scant or lacking. For women whose eyes are inclined to water or wind, cold, light, etc.. For people with poor eyesight.
Lips Procedures:  Because lip pencil and lipstick rub off when eating, smoking, and kissing. Lips too thin. Lips asymmetrical. Lips too thick.  Badly or undefined outline. Lips too pale. Scars resulting from an accident. Cleft-lip disfigurement.
Beauty spots and freckles Procedures: Just for fun. To disguise minor imperfections or scars (e.g., chickenpox, acne).
Areolas of the breasts Procedures: To camouflage scars following surgery for reduction or enlargement. To recreate areolas, to give the illusion of nipples. To darken pale areolas. To enlarge small areolas. To redefine irregular outlines

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